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Well, here we are! I know a lot may not end up reading this but here's an update~
I recently moved a bunch of stuff and due to crazy schedule changes and moving stuff and organizing and crap haven't been able to photoshop a lot - been drawing freehand a bit though. 
Also, I find I've reached that level where photoshopping is becoming exhausting once again. This has happened before in the past - I took about a year off and came back and worked really hard and improved quite a bit from where I was before I believe - but basically my level is still where if I want anything to look half way decent and not like crap it takes about 24 hours total to finish it, minimum. Which is fine, but I don't have nearly the time or patience to spend on it. One of the reasons I was photoshopping so much these past few months is that my goal was to get faster - like do a piece in a few hours, like a pro. And while I totally believe I've improved in other areas, time management is not one of them. I'm now frustrated at the time it takes to crank out an idea, and if I get bored or can't get the feel of the piece within a couple hours, I abandon it completely, which means like 20 psd files gathering pixelated dust:(  Yaddayaddayadda the point is that I need a photoshop break! I don't know how long it will last - (please lord not another whole year ye gods) but it needs to happen. I'll keep doing other art things - I just might not upload them (my sketches look really bad under scans - you can see all the imperfections CLOSE UP). I'm trying to finish one last piece but we'll see if I even get that done. ON THE PLUS SIDE I'll be able to see if my art drastically changes when I come back (watch me take all this back within the following month and finish 12 pieces or something crazy hahahahahaaaaugh)~!!! Cheers for now! 
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It's a Gift... And a Curse.
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