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Vitamin A by XenophiaSynesthesia
Vitamin A
It's my art! You see, this is what happens and I push myself to stay awake! Doesn't happen as often as I'd like, but hopefully that will change soon!?!?!?! (Getting a new schedule and stuff very very very soon YAY) Ok so I'm doing a new project on vitamins, so:
Vitamin A:
- The dress is fishtail or mermaid shaped. Vitamin A is found in Fish oil!
- The color fades from whiteish to orange to dark green! Vitamin A is supposed to be really really really good for your eyes and helping with nightblindness and stuff like that, so the white is for bad vision, which clears into the orange and green - vitamin A is found in sweet potato, apricots, and carrots, as well as dark leafy greens!
- Vitamin A is also supposed to be super good for your skin, acne, bones and hair, so I incorporated protective armor!

erm yeah that's it! I hope to do a lot more coming soon, but basically more coming at some point at least! :D Thnks cheers and pls don't hate!
Misha *squeal* ~ Free to use! 

(ps still trying to wrangle those Gouache brushes I got, but I think it turned out ok for my like 5 ish attempt using them! :3 )
OC - Jun 30 (testing testing) by XenophiaSynesthesia
OC - Jun 30 (testing testing)
remember forever ago when I was drawing my OC once a month? I really liked that project BUT I totally failed in october and it looked terrible so I deleted it and gave up temporarily... But I thought it might be fun to try to start again, so here's Jun 30ths. I decided not to do it monthly cause I can't control my inspiration so I'll try to do it at least once a month, but hopefully more. This one looks kinda dark I know, but it's actually a test for a larger picture I plan on doing with more drastic colors and probably full body - maybe even no face... I'm not sure yet, but I like how the test came out on this one though it's rough. But uh... Yeah. It's a test, and it'll make sense when I do the actual picture. But good practice! Just pretend my OC got into a fight in Holi or with a really mad fairy or something for now ;)
just DO IT!!! 
Bo by XenophiaSynesthesia
I recently watched Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous in a week. It's so so good. If you like the office and Bo Burnham, you MUST WATCH THIS. It's only a season cause MTV doesn't know gold when they have it. Go watch it. NOW!!! One of my faves.
PS If you don't know who Bo is, he's one of the worlds funniest comedians so go google him and look up a short clip and discover laughter. You're welcome.

Was on a kick of trying to draw celebrities under 5 minutes for practice. The kick didn't last long, but I like how his arms turned out. Sketchy practice thing, don't hate and thanks!
Sandy Sketch by XenophiaSynesthesia
Sandy Sketch
The world's fastest sketch of Sandra Bullock, which came out - well. It looks like what it is, let's leave it at that. I was on a kick of trying to sketch celebrities in like 5 minutes but it wasn't a collection I felt very connected to. I'll probably only load it onto here. Good for practice, I guess!
Boyd by XenophiaSynesthesia
There was a huge Kadooment parade the other day - I saw it leaving work and was like WHAAAAAAA~! If you guys haven't seen the costumes, they're INCREDIBLE, so of course I went full nerd and started taking a million pictures on my phone - anyways, from the costumes, I was inspired to draw some of the women as bird animal hybrids! So here's a gold and red bird human hybrid - the real picture has a lot more joy and expression, but I'm still getting the hang of these new brushes and it was supposed to be a quick sketch (took forever, of course, but at least I made myself finish) I want to do more hybirds, cause I took so many pictures... I'm not sure still how feathers combine into curly hair, so I def need more practice - for now, I just added some of the colors as highlights, but this can't continue forever... ahem. The parade itself was spectacular, well worth the stop I made! Yay Kadooment!!! For practice sketch, sorry for inaccuracies... Please don't hate and cheers!!!
Funny Elsa ~ Free to use!  
GUYS I'M TRYING A NEW ART STYLE IT'S REALLY HARD BUT I THINK I DIG IT A LOT! It looks simple but my drawing is so stiff that doing simply flowing shapes is a challenge for me... PLUS it's a rough painting style and my OCD kicks in and wants to make it perfect and clean, which is uh - the opposite - of what I want to - stAPH - sigh~
I'm trying to get a faster style down (always) but I've also always loved like the cartoon style and I've been seeing kind of dry-brush painter style around, so I'm trying to use it in hopes that I'll get faster and it's also so cute! Of course, this wasn't fast at all, but hey I got like 3 Xfiles watched while doing it so not a complete loss. Plus, I'm learning about textures shapes this way so... Any art is good practice!

This artist, gave me a link to artist Kyle Webster, who sells his brushes! They're great, cheap, and I got this pack, plUS HE INCLUDES YOUTUBE VIDEO TUTORIALS ON USING THE BRUSHES WHICH IS GREAT AND I LOVE 
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It's a Gift... And a Curse.
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