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Sunscreen Spectre Sketch by XenophiaSynesthesia
Sunscreen Spectre Sketch
Welp, I had this kinda cute idea that failed in execution - it was one of those things where I spent too long on the concept and I couldn't decide on the style either - I'm gonna redraw it tomorrow! I'll explain the idea then, and for now it goes into my sketch folder - I'LL GET IT EVENTUALLY
beware ! Or else! 
Har IV- Last of the Braidicans by XenophiaSynesthesia
Har IV- Last of the Braidicans
Short explanation: for my #hairchallenge, I’ve been trying out different hair styles, and I needed practice drawing hair! Although I don’t look really look like her but my hair is the same color and that is pretty close to some of my jewelry. I just drew a stereotypical disney face and went at practicing with some brushes and procrastinated other pieces I was supposed to be working on.

long explanation:
I’ve been trying to figure out how to do my hair, since I’ve never been able to grasp it beyond a braid kinda. And I was gonna take pics to document the whole thing, like a hair challenge, but it turns out I am not gifted yet in the art of selfies, so I’ll just draw them. Here’s the link to the youtube tutorials and also my reviews. I fell behind this week! I'll have to work hard to crank out an extra Har this week oh well ;)

1. Bubble buns - I DID PRINCESS JASMINE HAIR LOOK AT ME. Only cons: you have to rat it. Also when you rat hair it must be dry. Pros: But look how good it came out! It was a little “”boho”” by the time I was done, but it held up all day and was super cute.
2. Five Strand Braid - as I move to the end of the braid series, I’m trying to get the more complicated ones (I guess). This one was - not complicated. Also, it looks best as 1 braid - the pattern gets lost on 2. I think people just looked at it and saw a normal braid, plus it won’t lay as flat, which makes it look like a tube braid, but not in a good way. It just loses the pattern, trust me. But it’s easy and fast, and would look AMAZING as a french braid!
3. Twisted crown/wreath/halo braid - remember how I said on the last Har that the crown braid is impossible to achieve on your own? Well I was wrong. This is the rope version! It’s a little hard - and would DEFINITELY look better if someone helped - but came out great. Did I pull out a ton of hair and start over 7 times? Yes. Did I also get a ton of compliments AND called an evil german witch queen? Also yes.
4. Four Strand Waterfall - This looked awesome! Unfortunately kinda hard to do on oneself - there is a 3 strand version of this but I think the 4 strand holds the braid together better. Anyways, I got tons of compliments. People called me Ariel and Mermaid, and then one fool called me Norma from OITNB, though I still don’t know why. I obviously looked like a beautiful mer-alien, and if I am Norma, I’m sure as heck TOAST Norma, the Supreme.
5. Supah Haux - A faux hawk!? for real!? Yup. I’ve been wanting to do this a while. It - It KIND OF worked - but it’s easier to do on someone else for sure. I think after probably a lot of practice it would be easy to do on yourself, but you have to rat SO MUCH HAIR I would only recommend this as like a special occasion thing. Also, I decided to not do a lil pompadour in the front, like the tutorial suggested, because I really wanted a full on hawk, but that may have been a mistake - in the end I had a rather egg shaped head as a result. Also, I got very mad for being late. Sigh.
6. ELSA HAIR - I literally waited the entire braid series to do this. I have held off cutting my hair to do this. This has been the only highlight of me not being able to afford getting my hair done. I have saved and waited till the end to prefect this braid. Here it is. It’s a normal 3 strand, but man did I put work into this. I LOOKED AMAZING AND ABSOLUTELY NO ONE CALLED ME ELSA AT ALL B/C THEY’RE NON-DISNEY FOOLS jk they actually call me Elsa all the time cause of all my braids but on the ONE day I ESP looked like her NO ONE SAID ANYTHING. Fools.

LOOK I DID A DISNEY WEEK that would actually be fun NO NO FOCUS DO NOT DO THAT maybe tho eventually FOCUS it's 2:30 I can't
Markiplier Icon - That smile though 
Bev by XenophiaSynesthesia
that didn’t go as planned.
To be fair - I DID draw Beverly! but uh
I wanted it to be a sketch, not a painting…
oh well. Kind of a fail? Whatever - I WILL draw her as a cartoon, damnit! Just maybe tomorrow… I like how this turned out tho!
Beverly, from IT.
I love IT so so so much. IT and Carrie are the best Stephen King books please read them they are so sad and capture so many different parts of life.
IT gets a little trippy but omg the good parts make up for any confusion you may have.
Beverly is abused throughout her life by her dad/relationships, but don’t worry, she has a happy ending. Bless. (I thought I’d add that fact in case anyone noticed the slight highlights and shadows of tears/bruises. They are not, in fact, terrible shading. That is my attempt at being subtle. The more you know!)
Ayy Lmao 
Sd by XenophiaSynesthesia
For my Sketch Daily thing I'm trying - I haven't been doing so well staying on it the past couple nights, mostly b/c it's been too hot and I've been falling asleep/food comas (I had a giant pan cake at my house that lasted me days). Anyways, this one is kind of a fail - it started off as Beverly from IT, but then I went on tumblr and saw another artist and got inspired by their style, so I'm gonna redraw her - I'll just call this piece "small bald child" and count it as done. Enjoy.
GUYS I'M TRYING A NEW ART STYLE IT'S REALLY HARD BUT I THINK I DIG IT A LOT! It looks simple but my drawing is so stiff that doing simply flowing shapes is a challenge for me... PLUS it's a rough painting style and my OCD kicks in and wants to make it perfect and clean, which is uh - the opposite - of what I want to - stAPH - sigh~
I'm trying to get a faster style down (always) but I've also always loved like the cartoon style and I've been seeing kind of dry-brush painter style around, so I'm trying to use it in hopes that I'll get faster and it's also so cute! Of course, this wasn't fast at all, but hey I got like 3 Xfiles watched while doing it so not a complete loss. Plus, I'm learning about textures shapes this way so... Any art is good practice!

This artist, gave me a link to artist Kyle Webster, who sells his brushes! They're great, cheap, and I got this pack, plUS HE INCLUDES YOUTUBE VIDEO TUTORIALS ON USING THE BRUSHES WHICH IS GREAT AND I LOVE 
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