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I'm back - doing this painty sketch thing! At first I was trying to do like disney kinda style but I think maybe I need to get better at just doing realism so I can grasp the basics? srsly seriously 

Yeah that face. Anyways, the goal is to crank 'em out! I think Imma have to go back and redo Jinx tho... Her face is bugging me. YeaH I KNOW THE WHOLE POINT IS THAT IT'S A SKETCH BUT I STILL AIN'T HAPPY WITH IT oy. markiplier noooooo icon 
TwiSpar Sketch by XenophiaSynesthesia
TwiSpar Sketch
So here's Twilight Sparkle for all you Pegasisters out there! 
I don't watch the show
I didn't get the toys back in the day
I don't get the evolution of it
I don't follow it
BUT you know what I DO? RAINBOWS!!! So here's my take on Twilight Sparkle - styled her on the beautiful Volleyball goddess Sabina Altynbekova! It was a really over exposed instagram photo that I used as a ref tho so... It didn't QUITE get all her features. I just saw Twilight's hair and pictured a harajuku girl type style and then thought of her face! I also looked up the equestria girls human as ref but uh... Was a little weirded out by the design. I don't know what it is yet, but I decided to take it in a different direction. So here's my painting sketch thing.  I tried to make the horn WAY bigger and epic but it looked off cause I can't draw them very well yet so I went with a lil kawaii one. Someday...  BUT I did teeth AND a horn for the first time! (that I can remember) I usually avoid putting those in pictures but I gotta learn somehow eh!?*high fives self* *looks like I just busted out an impromptu namaste* 
usual, sometimes the best laid plans go awry. 
AND added bonus, when you at best a semi half baked plan it's kind of waiting to blow up in your face. Oh well at least I planned for it! 
SO: I won't have a witch every day - thought that might happen but wasn't planning on sewing a costume/drawing 2 portraits at least/sculpting a lot of mini food/etc. But I do have at least couple done so maybe I can have like 10 as a minimum??? I'm gonna get thru october and november and then in december do design based off of - wait for it - 12 days of christmas! That's doable, and I can use november to draw so that december I can... Draw and sew... and... Sculpt... and... *forsees incoming storm of handmade presents that I will have to make* *Sweating* *ohgodblockitoutIT'SSTILLHALLOWEENAAAAAA* 
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It's a Gift... And a Curse.
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